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04/04/2024: New blog is finished!

03/22/2024: Made an about page.

03/21/2024: Finished homepage layout, added affies and webring window, and a guestbook.

03/19/2024: New site layout (ongoing).

03/18/2024: Scrapped site and made recon page while redesign is ongoing.

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Welcome! - Notepad

Hello, this is ollieznotepad! This is my personal and/or hobby website I like to work on for fun! This site was made after I got (yet again) suspended on twitter and decided to give up on remaking again, because of this I kinda had a eureka realization moment that twitter kinda sucks. I now use it solely to retweet porn on a priv now lol, during my sort of "pilgrimage" I went back to neocities again, made this new site, and here we are!

I mostly do html as a hobby, and I'm still learning as I go. I used to have a different website here, actually! But it was older, more unorganized and messily made (even in consideration of the quality of this new site), I felt that I have learned much more and wanted to redo the entire site again. To go a little more in-depth, I also started doing html again during my thesis period in college, it helped me feel relaxed and grounded, and I just stuck to it because it is just very fun to do.


ollieznotepad is sort of a scrapbook, diary, journal, or whatever that I will scribble and write all over whenever I feel it :P (which includes redesigning stuff ad naseum, lol)

That being said, this place is not sfw and I like to draw, talk, and discuss about potentially sensitive and/or "problematic" content, to put it bluntly, this is not a place for "antis" or "fancops" or however else you'd like to call it. If you're averse to that kind of stuff, I suggest you click away. Freaks only.

This place is my own little hole I dug in this corner of the internet that I will dump my thoughts to. This will serve as my personal repository and a new home away from social media, which has grown more and more hostile as time went on -- especially to artists who draw the same niche as I do. There are other places for artists that are in the same circles as I am, but they aren't exactly the best of placces, but they do work well as a gallery/art archive.

I plan to add on more stuff here in the future, I hope you enjoy this little place I've made! Sign my guestbook if you'd like :D

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