About the webmaster

"What the juice?"

Name: koro
Pronouns: He/Him only
Birthday: 06/2002
Fave food: sour green mangoes, sinigang, buko pandan, burgers
Fave music: pop, j-rock, OPM, Filipino rock, nu metal, breakcore

Hello! I'm koro, I'm this site's webmaster :P I'm a gay man from the Philippines!

I'm an artist who loves to draw cute men and boys, and I just love drawing nsfw most of the time. I mostly draw my OCs, but I do draw fanart every now and again, though not that often (and usually for niche and/or dead fandoms). I don't have blue hair but I do have pronouns. lol

If you found this site from a specific internet circle, you probably already know I draw some freak shit, very "problematic" to put it into chronically-online-twitter-callout terms. If not, well now you know! :P

Apart from drawing, I also like to animate a lot -- which is also my job, yes, I'm unemployed 80% of the time. I have a lot of very art or creative-adjacent hobbies, like clay sculpting, 3D sculpting, scrapbooking, and I also recently wanna get into crocheting so I can make myself plushies, which I also love! I have about 10 plushies by this point, and about 5 of them are all stuffies I won at my local arcade.

I'm not particularly upfront with people. I don't usually approach people to make friends either, and I'm kind of scared of DMs that aren't commissions -- that being said, it's not because I hate anyone who does, but rather, making friends takes out a lot of my energy and takes a lot of emotional labor, I also get tired of socialization very quick. Hell, I can only chat a few words in online games before going non-verbal. Because of this, I only really hang out with a small group of friends, don't be afraid to try and talk to me though :) so long as you're not a bigot or a meanie I probably would like you.

Currently listening to...
Sugarfree, PinkPantheress, Britney Manson, Odetari
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Roblox, Project Zomboid, Splatoon 3, Devil Survivors, Persona 5
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Regular Show, MTV's Downtown, Mean Girls (2004), video essays
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